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Beauty and the Beast (Arts Club)

Michelle as Belle - Beauty and the Beast (The Arts Club) Photo by David Cooper

"Is it too much of a cliché to say that her voice is like sunshine? Probably, but it is that warm and uplifting, dang it. And Bardach hits the character’s sweet spot: she allows Belle to be confident and assertive without ever turning her sour."

-Colin Thomas,


"new to the show and absolutely delightful is Michelle Bardach as Belle. Bardach is non-stop sparkle, and her voice – speaking or singing – has a smile in it. ...Bardach’s big number is “A Change In Me” which she delivers with heart-melting soulfulness..."

-Jo Ledingham,

"It's hard to keep your eyes off the talented Michelle Bardach, who plays Belle. Stealing the show with her sweet and powerful voice, her acting chops are also top notch."

-Katie Gartland-Close, Vancouver Presents

"As per usual, her elegancy, poise, and warming stage presence made her the perfect fit for Belle."

-Alyson Eng, Broadway World


"When Bardach sings “A Change in Me”, she all but blows the roof off with her tremendous soprano belt, but it’s her character development that brings sincerity to the song.."

- Vincent Kanasoot, The Georgia Straight

"Bardach brings an aw-shucks girl-next-door vitality and impressive vocal chops to the role."

-Shawn Conner, The Vancouver Sun

"Michelle Bardach as Belle has a lovely voice and captures the character’s demeanour: thoughtful, pretty, and pleasant—a classic Disney princess."

-Connal McNamara, Vancouver Weekly

Michelle as Belle - Beauty and the Beast (The Arts Club) Photo by David Cooper

Mamma Mia (Arts Club)

Michelle as Sophie - Mamma Mia (The Arts Club) Photo by David Cooper

"As the first member of the cast to enter the stage and one of the last to leave, her performance tied the entire show together. Bardach's impeccable vocals and genuine connection with her on-stage mother Donna (Stephanie Roth) and fiancé Sky (Stuart Barkley) made her performance memorable and worthy of a standing ovation."

-Alyson Eng, Broadway World


"Michelle Bardach delivers a refreshing portrayal of young bride Sophie, offering an impressive voice that can belt when needed and switch to a beautifully resonating head voice at other times."

- Vincent Kanasoot, The Georgia Straight

"The performances are polished and filled with energy. As Sophie, Bardach is luminous"

-Chelsey Stuyt, Vancouver Presents


"Bardach’s clear voice shines through"

- Jerry Wasserman, The Vancouver Sun

"Bardach is a genuine and energetic Sophie. She has that musical-ingenue eye-twinkle down pat, and a great voice to boot."
-Lillian Jasper, Two Cents and Two Pence


"Michelle Bardach, who plays the central character, Sophie, has a warm voice and she does a solid job of acting her way through her songs"

- Colin Thomas, theatre critic 

"Michelle Bardach, who plays Sophie Sheridan is a vision! Her voice and energy are beyond compare."

-Maira Hassan, The Vancouver Arts Review

"Bardach, as Sophie, is sweet, fresh and dimpled. Roth’s Donna is smart and resilient but cautious about love. Together, Bardach and Roth make a great team, both able to tease or belt a song out."

- Jo Ledingham, theatre critic 

Michelle as Sophie - Mamma Mia (The Arts Club) Photo by David Cooper

Urinetown (Firehall Arts Centre)

Michelle as Hope Cladwell - Urinetown (Firehall Arts Centre) Photo by David Cooper

"As Hope Cladwell, Michelle Bardach delivers the goods very capably"​

- Baird Blackstone, BrokenLegReviews​


"A lovely soprano, she’s merely sweet in Act 1 but gets to crank it up in Act 2"

- Jo Ledingham,


"As our young hero and heroine, Anton Lipovetsky and Michelle Bardach are equally terrific together"

​-Mark Robins, Vancouver Presents


​​"Michelle Bardach’s voice was spot on"

-Laura Reynolds, Lotus Land Magazine


"Bardach is a strong vocalist"

-Colin Thomas, The Georgia Straight

Les Miserables (Chemainus Theatre)

"Standouts of the evening... Include Michelle Bardach as Eponine... Her insouciant charm enables her to steal practically every scene in which she appears."

-​Tom Masters, Chemainus Valley Courier


"It was great watching Michelle Bardach’s Eponine admit her failed love for Marius, and die for his cause."​

-Peter Rusland, Cowichan News Leader Pictoral

"Michelle Bardach really made me relate to Eponine"

-​Lindsay Chung, Ladysmith Chronicle

Michelle as Eponine - Les Miserables (Chemainus Theatre Festival) Photo by Cim MacDonald

Riverview High (Entrance Theatre, remount)

Michelle as Esther - Riverview High (Entrance Theatre) - Photo by Angy Wong

"I thought the outstanding and most touching performances were Bardach as the lonely "weirdo" Esther, who just wanted someone to love her"

-[Re]View from the House,​


"It is once again Michelle Bardach and Caleb Di Pomponio who amp up the comedy as Ethel and Dexter and when they join forces with Lucas Blaney in “I Could Be The One” this trio is simply inspired."

-Mark Robins,


​​"Another standout is also hopelessly in love: Michelle Bardach is hilarious and endearing as Esther"

​-Chris Lane, The Charlebois Post,


​"Parker’s female counterpart was my other favorite, inspired by Ethel; Esther played by Michelle Bardach was quirky and so fun to watch. She played her character hilariously...’ll absolutely adore her"

​-Ashley Pothiboon,

Titanic the Musical (Theatre Under the Stars)

"I especially liked Michelle Bardach’s feisty Irish Kate"​

-Jerry Wasserman,

"Among the standouts are... ...Michelle Bardach, a feisty and likeable single woman using the trip to find a husband."

​-Kathleen Oliver, 


"Michelle Bardach was a standout, delivering a feisty performance as Kate McGowan"

-Melissa Cornwell, 

"Michelle Bardach delivers splendid vocals and emotion to 3rd Class Irish passenger Kate McGowan"

​-Jay Catterson,

Michelle as Kate McGowan - Titanic (Theatre Under the Stars)
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